Blasphemous Horrors: No. 234

No. 234: “Oral Exam,” $40.

Weird Tales proudly presents “Steven Archer’s Blasphemous Horrors,”one artist’s quest to create a new Lovecraft Mythos-inspired painting every single day. And every day, you have the opportunity to buy the original artwork! The pieces are a combination of oil paint, paper, graphite, acrylic paint, scotch tape, and ink; they’re mounted on the inside of hardcover book covers and vary in size from 5×8 to 7×10 inches. Most are priced at $30 to $50; just email the artist at egolikeness at weirdtales dot net to arrange purchase by PayPal. And you can follow along with the gorgeous creepiness by subscribing to the RSS feed or friending us on LiveJournal!

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