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Never tried Weird Tales before? Not quite ready to shell out seven bucks to try the new issue? Then check out the last issue on us. For a limited time only, you can grab a complete, free PDF of the July/August Weird Tales, chock full of strange sorcery, angelic gangster wars, and mecha-telepathic orphans. Featuring original fiction from Norman Spinrad, Nick Mamatas, and Karen Heuler; an in-depth interview with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola; a journey into H.P. Lovecraft’s dreamlands; an exclusive excerpt from Stephen Hunt’s steampunk epic The Court of the Air; and lots more!

Note: the complete download is 13 megs. Alternately, if you’re using a Sony Reader, you can buy the ebook edition of this issue for just $2.84.

Weird Tales - July/August 2008

Weird Tales - July/August 2008

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