Blasphemous Horrors: Day 001

Every once in a while, you stumble across a kindred spirit. A strange, twisted, perfectly demented kindred spirit. Here at Weird Tales we had that pleasure this March, when we met the musical ensemble Ego Likeness: an electronic dark-rock duo out of Baltimore comprising vocalist/lyricist Donna Lynch, who has a second life as a weird horror novelist, and composer/instrumentalist Steven Archer, whose second medium is visual art. Archer had just decided to dive into a challenging new project: producing an original piece of Lovecraft Mythos-inspired artwork every single day for an entire year. When he showed us the first batch he’d completed, we were more than excited — a major new artistic force was about to hit Cthulhu culture, and we knew the Weird Tales community had to see this stuff first.

And so we are proud to present, today, the first installment of a new ongoing series at 365 Days of Blasphemous Horrors. Archer’s new paintings will appear here one a day until the Earth has completed its next revolution around the sun — and every day, you’ll have the opportunity to buy the original artwork directly from the artist (details below).

Today we launch the series with a triple play:

001a. “In the night my sister returns.” *sold*

All the pieces are some combination of oil paint, paper, graphite, acrylic paint, scotch tape, and ink. They’re mounted on the inside of hardcover book covers and vary in size from 5×8 to 7×10 inches.

001b. “Breach” *sold*

001c. “Oh how we grow…”

PURCHASING: Just as with Steven Archer’s non-Cthulhu artwork that’s frequently presented at the Ego Likeness LiveJournal, the original artwork for the Blasphemous Horrors will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Basically, the first email to arrive saying “I want it!” gets the original piece. Write to: egolikeness at weirdtales dot net

Each piece is $40 unless otherwise noted. When emailing, please include your name and the name of the piece. Archer will then contact you with the PayPal information to complete the transaction. When paying through PayPal, please make sure to include the name of the piece. Purchasers have a week to make the payment, after which the painting will be offered to the second person to respond. To make the artist’s life easier, the work is mailed out once weekly, on Tuesdays.

It’s that simple! So if you haven’t already, bookmark this page, subscribe to the RSS feed, or friend us on LiveJournal — and prepare for 365 days of gorgeously unsettling biomorphic creepiness…

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